How does WellCalm ensure safety?

We are selective about the registered therapists that join the WellCalm community to ensure the highest quality of service. All therapists are insured and background checked for good standing through their registered colleges.

All WellCalm registered therapists present the highest level of integrity and professionalism. In return, we expect all clients to reciprocate the same level of respect and conduct.

Why does WellCalm require Identity verification?

We want to make sure that both our clients and therapists are safe at all times. We ask all clients to verify their identity before we send our therapists to their home, office or hotel. It’s a simple one-time step, taking only a few minutes, and your information is completely secured and protected.

How do I make the payment?

All transactions on WellCalm are automated. To schedule your WellCalm therapy you need to have a valid credit card associated with your account. Your card will be charged only when your massage has been confirmed.

Can I claim Insurance with my WellCalm Treatments?

Absolutely! WellCalm only works with registered therapists. Your receipts will include your therapist’s provincial registration number which can be used when submitting a claim to your extended health insurance.

Why do I need to provide a health history form?

Therapists must have clients complete a health history form before a treatment commences.  Your health history provides your therapist with necessary information to treat you safely. You only need to complete the form once a year, even if you subsequently see other WellCalm therapists. Clients are required to update their health history information with their therapist if necessary.  

If WellCalm is not operating in my city, can I still get an appointment?

We are expanding in Canada. If we are not in your city, send us an e-mail, we would love to hear from you!

Does WellCalm offer corporate and group bookings?

Of Course! WellCalm offers corporate, group, bespoke events and Hotel Exclusive bookings. Please visit to learn more.

Can I choose my therapist?

Yes! However, our on-demand platform cannot guarantee your therapist will be available at a given time, so it is best to book in advance.

Can I Rebook with the same therapist?

For sure! After your first treatment with any WellCalm registered therapist, you will have the option to re-book future treatment sessions with the same therapist.

do I Need any materials?

Nope! Your WellCalm registered therapist will always bring fresh linens and essentials. However, if you prefer to use your own, our therapists are happy to accommodate you. Refer to our What to Expect section for further details.

What if i need to change or cancel my booking?

In the unlikely event your plans change and you wish to cancel your booking, the appointment cancellation policy is as follows:

Notice period                                 Refund Amount

24 hours or more                             100%

up to 2 hours before treatment        70%

within 2 hours                                  0%


The appointment cancellation policy is designed to protect the relationship between you and your therapist - we understand that plans can change quickly.

Should you make a mistake in your booking, you have a 10 minute grace period after submitting your booking where you can cancel without any charge. To qualify, you must contact the customer service team to cancel.

Refer to our cancellation policy and terms and conditions section for further details.